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Platinum 7x and 10x bottles with cocktail
Platinum 7X bottle
Platinum 7X vodka with cocktails

Platinum 7X: An Ultra-Smooth, American-Made Vodka

Platinum 7X was first conceived to deliver an American-made vodka with a smooth, clean and crisp style. With great care and meticulous detail, the Platinum team has been able to craft something truly exceptional. Platinum 7X is distilled seven times from high-quality American grain. Careful attention is paid throughout the distillation process to ensure the highest quality product is crafted. 100% pure water is then used to finish the vodka and bring it to 80 proof. The result is remarkable vodka with a clean, refreshing, ultra-smooth taste that delivers a memorable drinking experience every time.

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Platinum 10X: Raising the bar on smoothness

Raising the bar even higher, Platinum 10X is distilled a total of 10 times for next level smoothness. The distillation process uses both column & pot distillation for a higher level of purity that delivers a consistent and ultra-smooth drinking experience. Whether it is having a casual drink with friends, or honing in on the perfect cocktail, Platinum 10X is everything you want in a vodka. Try it today, you won’t be disappointed.

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platinum 10x vodka bottle
Platinum 10x vodka bottle with cocktails

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platinum 7x and 10x vodka bottles
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